Perceptual Neuroimaging in Practice

Don't know your HRF from your pRF? Overwhelmed by the flurry of tools and concepts involved in neuroimaging analyses? Want to finally learn SPM, FreeSurfer or decoding? Become a PNiPster! 

We are neuroimaging students and PostDocs at JLU and UMR, mostly from the CRC Cardinal Mechanisms of Perception. During term time, we meet on a weekly basis, aiming for three goals

-> becoming competent users of MRI analysis tools 

-> forming a friendly and helpful community

->  getting feedback on our projects from experienced experts

Here are a few thoughts of previous PNiPsters after completing the course:

"This was great!"

"I learned a lot from this course!"

"I really liked the format"

Average Rating 4.9/5 stars


The 2021/22 instance of PNiP ended and we plan to pick up with a new generation of PNiPsters in October 2023. Please ping Ben if you would like to join the mailing list (

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