Ben de Haas, PI

Ben studied psychology at JLU and neuroscience at UCL (PhD with Geraint Rees, postdocs with Sam Schwarzkopf and Marty Sereno). In London, he specialised in brain imaging, while his family grew from n=2 to n=5. Back in Giessen, he studied individual eye movements with Karl Gegenfurtner and was awarded an ERC starting grant in 2019.

Apart from research, Ben likes climbing, reading to his kids, laughing with friends and falling asleep while his wife plays the piano. Check out his homepage and Google Scholar for more.

Maximilian Broda, PhD student

Max graduated from JLU in 2019 with Bachelor and Master degrees in psychology. His Master projects (yes, plural) with Dimitris Voudouris, Katja Fiehler and Jutta Billino focused on somatosensory perception and age-related changes in sensorimotor control. Additionally, he completed the predocotral program (PreProPsych) in visual neuroscience under the supervision of Karl Gegenfurtner. He currently works on the neuroscience and social consequences of individual gaze behavior.

Max likes to spend his free time outdoors. When he isn't hiking, skiing, slacklining or surfskating, he follows the ups and downs (mostly downs) of his favourite soccer team.

Marcel Linka, PhD student

Marcel spent his graduate and post-graduate education in the beautiful Kingdom of the Netherlands, where he studied psychology at Tilburg University and completed a research master in behavioral science (psychology) at Radboud University, Nijmegen. In 2020, he started his PhD at JLU, focussing on individual differences in visual attention in normal and special populations (i.e. patients with autism, schizophrenia and so-called super-recognizers).

In his spare time Marcel likes making music, traveling, spending time with his family and friends and doing sports.

Diana Weissleder, RA

Diana studies psychology at JLU. As student research assistant she helps with data collection and stimulus production. During a research internship with Bahador Bahrami at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin she learned to program virtual environments with Unity and is on her way to become an all-around research ninja. She currently focuses on her Bachelor project with Indivisual, which tests the social relevance of individual differences in gaze behavior.

Diana also runs academic policy campaigns as a student representative. She likes to spend her free time outdoors, most likely in the mountains, skiing or climbing. But she also enjoys diving and snorkeling with her daughter.

Elisabeth Zentgraf, RA

Elisabeth completed her Bachelor at JLU in 2020 (psychology) and currently pursues an MSc in psychology as well as a teaching degree. As student research assistant she helps with stimulus production and data collection. Previously, she gathered research experience at the department of clinical child and adolescent psychology, where she studied callous-unemotional traits using skin-conductance and eyetracking methods.

In her free time Elisabeth likes to dance, cook and spend time with her family and friends.

Tamara Alsheimer, RA

Tamara currently studies psychology at JLU, heading for an MSc. She finished her bachelor on individual fixation behavior in 2019 and learned all about face recognition during a research internship with Meike Ramon at the Applied Face Cognition Lab (University of Fribourg, Switzerland). Previously, she gathered experience as a research assistant in the social psychology department.

When Tamara isn't at uni, she’s either singing or traveling - in the mountains or at the sea, via bike, foot or ski. Always following her motto 'There ain't no problem that can’t be solved!'


Jonas Asmussen, BSc student

Jonas is enthusiastic about his Bachelor project on gaze behavior and friendship, but his true passion is music.