Max will give a talk at Fribourg


Max will present his work on Intra- and interindividual differences in person perception at the AFC Lab Talk Series hosted by Meike Ramon (University of Fribourg; 21 January 2021 16h CET - please ping Meike or us for the link if you would like to join).

Ben gave a talk at Stanford


Ben presented our work on 'Where' in the ventral stream at the Stanford Vision Brunch.

Marcel gave a talk at Fribourg


Marcel presented his work on Evidence for atypical semantic visual salience in Super Recognizers at AFC Lab Talk Series hosted by Meike Ramon (Univeristy of Fribourg)

Ben gave a talk at Berkeley


The gods of Zoom provide us with the opportunity to present our work afar, despite the distance and the virus. Ben kicked off with a talk on 'Where' in the ventral stream at the Neuroimaging Seminar Series hosted by Sonia Bishop's lab at UC Berkeley.

Short test of individual gaze published in Journal of Vision


Marcel used the OSIE dataset to develop a short test of gaze behaviour and found that some dimensions of individual gaze biases can be estimated from less than 5 minutes worth of eyetracking data. This will help us and other researchers to probe individual gaze in a much more time-efficient manner, which is especially important for research involving children and other vulnerable individuals. Marcel published this as his very first paper, which just appeared in Journal of Vision. Congrats, Marcel! Also, special thanks to Dr. Stefanie Mueller and the ZPID PsychLab offline for collecting the validation data. The paper, code and data are all open access, so go ahead and use it =)

We're online!


the group homepage is live - welcome to =)

JLU Award for Ben


Ben received the Justus Liebig University Giessen Award for his research on individual perception.

INDIVISUAL funded by the ERC!


Ben received a 1.5M€ starting grant from the European Research Council to start a lab on individual perception at JLU (press release and newspaper article in german). Hooray!

PNAS podcast covering individual gaze


The PNAS podcast featured Ben and his findings on individual differences in gaze behaviour

I spy with my little eye...


Our paper on individual differences in gaze behaviour was covered by inside science and MDR (german public radio). Also see our press release here (german).