Perceptual Neuroimaging in Practice

Slides & Materials

Here you can find an overview of previous topics, complete with slides, example data and code for exercises and solutions. Note that most downloads are password protected, due to the use of real and raw example data. If you're part of the course or think you should have access for other reasons, just ping Ben for the password. Also note that PNiP conveniently skips the hard part - MRI physics. If you're interested in learning your spin precession, Bloch equation and k-Space, check out Marty Sereno's lecture series on the physics on youtube.

PNiP 2023/24

What is fMRI and what can I do with it? (Ben)


PNiP 2021/22 (online)

Psychtoolbox (minimal experiment; Ben)

Slides & Code

helpful installation tipps from Petra Borovska

Peter Scarfe's PTB exercises, including accurate timing

Hemodynamic Response Function (HRF; Ben)

Slides, data & code

Quality Assurance (Petra)

Slides & code

Preprocessing I & II (Aimee & Max)

Slides, data & code

1st level GLM (Diana)

Slides, data & code

2nd level GLM (Yilmaz)


Basis functions (Lefteris)

Slides, notes, code and papers

Multiple testing and random field theory (RFT; Shuchen)

Slides and paper

Study design & efficiency (Pierre-Pascal)


Tractography (Mareike Grotheer)

Slides, data & code

Multivoxel pattern analysis (MVPA; Ben)

Slides, data & code

Representational similarity analysis (RSA; Daniel Kaiser)

Slides, data & code

Deep Neural Networks (DNNs; Katharina Dobs)

Slides, data & code

Surface reconstruction using FreeSurfer (Petra Borovska)

Slides, data, code & prepackaged virtual machine

Encoding models and population receptive fields (pRFs; Sam Schwarzkopf)

Slides, data, code